Yemen Travel Advice


Travel Advice:  Do not travel

Due to continuing violent clashes and the ongoing threat of terrorism, kidnapping and tribal violence, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advises against all travel to Yemen at this time.

As the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has no resident Mission in Yemen,  Irish citizens should be aware that it is unlikely that we would be able to offer any practical consular assistance in the event of a further deterioration of the security situation.   Irish citizens are therefore advised to leave immediately by commercial means.

Safety and Security

All Irish citizens intending to travel to or reside in this country are strongly advised to register their details with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Travel Registration system is available here

Due to continuing violent clashes and the ongoing threat of terrorism, kidnapping and tribal violence, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advises against all travel to Yemen at this time. 

It is imperative that all intending travelers purchase highly-comprehensive travel and personal medical insurance prior to leaving Ireland. Travelers should ensure that the insurance policy includes the cost of medical evacuation by air to Ireland. You should fully understand the terms and conditions, check for exclusions and ensure that your policy covers all specialised activities you wish to undertake whilst travelling.

Please be advised that the Irish Government assumes no responsibility whatsoever for expenses incurred by Irish citizens as a result of a personal emergency whilst travelling.

The Irish Government does not have a representative in Yemen. As such, it is not possible for us to provide detailed travel advice as we have no way of objectively verifying information and ensuring that it is accurate, appropriate and up-to-date. Likewise, the level of consular assistance and support we can provide to Irish citizens in times of emergency may be limited. Irish citizens may wish to bear this in mind before making plans to visit Yemen.

In countries where Ireland does not have any formal representation, emergency consular assistance, advice and support may be sought through resident offices of other EU member states.

Irish citizens requiring emergency assistance in this country should first approach their tour operator representative, local tour guide or hotel management and contact their insurance provider. For help and advice you can also contact the Consular Assistance Unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin on +353 1 408 2000. However, once again, please be advised that the level of service and assistance we can provide in this country may be limited.


There have been 40 cases of novel coronavirus reported worldwide (17 May 2013), including 20 deaths.  Cases are associated with travel in the Arabian Peninsula and Jordan.. The WHO advises no travel or trade restrictions in relation to novel coronaviruses. However, Irish citizens travelling to the Arabian Peninsula and neighbouring countries should be aware of the presence of novel coronavirus in this geographical area and of the small risk of infection. Travellers should follow standard good hygiene practice including hand washing with soap and water following contact with animals. Further information can be found on the Health Protection Surveillance Centre website (

Local Law and Customs

Local law reflects the fact that Yemen is an Islamic country.  You should respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times.

You should dress modestly and you should not consume alcohol in public.

Additional Country Information

For entry requirements and immigration information, please contact the appropriate Embassy or Consulate of the country.  

You may wish to review the travel advice for this country as presented by other Anglophone Foreign Ministries. Suggested links are provided below. Please be aware that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland is not in any way responsible for the content contained therein and is not in a position to endorse or validate any of the information supplied by other Governments. These links are merely intended as helpful suggestions for further research in advance of your trip.   

You are also advised to read our “Before You Go” and “Stay Safe Abroad” sections before travelling.

For contact information on all Irish Embassies, on a country-by-country basis, please click here.


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We encourage citizens travelling to this destination to register their contact details here

Security Status

  1. Take normal precautions
  2. Exercise caution
  3. Exercise extreme caution
  4. Avoid non-essential travel
  5. Do not travel